‘बैंकको ब्याजदर विस्तारै घट्दै छ, अब निराश हुने अवस्था छैन’

‘बैंकको ब्याजदर विस्तारै घट्दै छ, अब निराश हुने अवस्था छैन’

In this episode of Banking Bahas, we have talked with Mr. Santosh Koirala, Chief Executive Officer of Machhapuchchhre Bank @machhapuchchhrebanklimited5340 , focusing on about the various allegations that banks are currently facing, the interest rate problems and the steps taken by commercial banks to solve these problems, and the reduction in credit disbursement despite the improving financial situation and liquidity in the bank.

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Presenter: Manoj Regmi

Guest: Santosh Koirala Chief Executive Officer, Machhapuchchhre Bank

About Guest Mr. Santosh Koirala is a well-qualified and result-oriented banking professional with over 21 years of successful experience in different key positions of banking sector. He started his career from Bank of Kathmandu where he spent more than 4.5 years and then moved on to Sanima Bank Limited where he spent around 9.5 years in various capacities heading the departments.

Mr. Koirala is an MBA graduate from Tribhuwan University and holds Diploma in Advance Management and Leadership Program from Erasmus University, Netherlands. Mr. Koirala has expertise in key areas of Banking both on the operational as well as the business front.

With great industry knowledge he possess excellent communication, analytical and leadership skills with a focus on customer service.

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