The theme of the event, “Unveiling the Tomorrow”

National Banking Discourse 2024 will be held on 30th Jestha 2081 (12th June 2024) at The Soaltee Kathmandu. The event comprises keynote addresses, panel discussions, and engaging sessions spanning key themes including digital ecosystem, regulatory landscapes, emerging trends, and future projections. Attendees will represent a diverse spectrum of professionals including bankers, regulators, technology vendors, academics, and policymakers. With an anticipated turnout of over 400 participants, coupled with
extensive media interest, the event promises meaningful discussions and raises substantial issues of the evolving banking ecosystem.

As the banking sector grapples with the challenges of dwindling profitability, mounting asset risks, liquidity, and so forth the theme aims to spotlight and build a broader consensus among all stakeholders to address the need of the time and unveil the approaches to navigate through these unprecedented times for a better tomorrow.

Unparalleled Gathering of INDUSTRY LUMINARIES & DIGNITARIES. Unveiling the Tomorrow


In the aftermath of fiscal policy, the event shall explore the expectations of the banking industry from the upcoming monetary policy to mitigate the current situation through the need assessment of current times in the participation of the policymakers.


This program is designed to offer a comprehensive overview of the multifaceted world of banking we shall delve into the intricate landscape of banking, encompassing the latest trends, challenges, and innovations shaping the industry. We begin by examining the current banking environment, providing insights into economic indicators, market dynamics, and recent fiscal policy shifts influencing banking operations. The program shall explore emerging trends and technologies, including the rapid evolution of digital banking, the transformative impact of fintech innovations, cross-border digital payment, and the advent of CBDC to revolutionize traditional banking processes. Furthermore, we delve into the realm of regulatory compliance and risk management, highlighting the critical importance of managing sustainable credit growth, as well as operational, and cyber risks. Additionally, we address the imperative of financial inclusion and sustainable banking practices, underscoring the role of banks in fostering equitable access to financial services and driving positive social and environmental impact.

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