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‘IPO मा १० कित्ते नीतिले अन्डर राइटिङ्गले हेलचेक्राई गर्न सक्छन’

‘IPO मा १० कित्ते नीतिले अन्डर राइटिङ्गले हेलचेक्राई गर्न सक्छन’

Welcome to Investment Talk: Its a talk show that delves deep into the world of merchant banking, finance, and investment strategies. Join us as we engage with seasoned professionals, experts, and thought leaders in the field, exploring the latest trends, success stories, and valuable insights that shape the dynamic landscape of merchant banking. In this very first episode we talked about the various segments of merchant banking and capital market with professional merchant banker and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Citizens Capital Limited.

Host: Manoj Regmi

Our Guest: Sabir Bade Shrestha

About Guest

Strategic and Resourceful Investment Banker with ACCA qualification and an EMBA together with more than 17 years of combined Chartered Accountancy and Investment Banking management experience currently leads the full Investment Banking and Merchant Banking revenue streams as CBIL Capital’s CEO, including leadership of business, product development, efficiency creation, research & analysis, regulatory compliance and assurance, setting up targets and budgets, strategy formulation, marketing, leading and managing public and private portfolio asset under management (AUM) including Mutual Funds. He is also well versed in Private Equity and Venture Capital (PE/VC) planning and development, research projects for foreign parties interested in Infra & Energy sector, various verticals on Corporate Advisory and analytical and technical advancement of Mutual Fund and Portfolio Management’s growth. Mr. Shrestha is a well-respected Merchant Banking industry executive – largely credited for establishing a culture of success on all aspects of business development for the managed companies in recent years i.e. NIBL Capital Markets Ltd (2013-2015), Nabil Investment Banking (2016-2020) and Mega Capital (2020-2022) as part of the core executive senior management team.
He has previously also worked as Manager with BDO International, UK (5th largest audit and advisory firm in the world, ranked after Ernest & Young) now continuously achieving remarkable results in the merchant banking sector, even during adverse external circumstances. He is a results-focused and effectual leader with proven capability of meticulous planning and strategizing, a natural leader and motivator of large teams of people with diverse background, well-known among peers in the industry for driving the employer companies to outperform targets and exceed success expectations.

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